Building a Market Leader

Future Bright’s Perpetual is a multi-stakeholder effort to build a market leader in Renewably-Powered, Whole-Diet, Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA).

Controlled Environment Agriculture includes Greenhouse Hydroponics, Integrated Aquaculture and Hydroponics and Vertical Farming and represents a multi-billion dollar opportunity in infrastructure and technology that is profitable, and socially and environmentally restorative.

Renewable Energy, with its security and fixed cost structure, are a natural pairing with CEA. Solar, wind, storage and biomass have applications and steadily falling costs making the next logical question be: What new and necessary industry can renewables enable?

CEA will address critical risks within the food system dealing with water scarcity, soil health and climate volatility.

In order to address, climate volatility as a whole, society must choose its most efficient solutions that in turn restore environmental damage. Aquaculture in particular moves CEA into the whole-diet arena and fish represent our most efficient converters of feed (inputs) into food.

CEA delivers stakeholder value in terms for food security, food access, price stability, health, reduction of fertilizer and pesticide use, and water efficiency.

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